National Home Building & Remodeling Corp. is licensed and insured and so are the sub-contractors that we use. We carefully supervise our jobs and truly pay attention to detail which has always impressed our clients. To date, we have never been late for closing or on a delivery date, we have never been in litigation, and there isn’t a single client’s door I couldn’t knock on and be welcomed into their residence.

How is this possible you might be asking yourself? While we understand that  this kind of track record is unheard of, it is all true. We attribute all of our success to the never ending service & commitment to each and every client & treating each residence as if it were our own home. There is always the “Added Value” factor to consider as well. Added Value is the term we use to describe the added value our clients get when they hire our company. Inevitably, there will be “extras” that most other builders will charge for, however we often do them without charging our client.

Surrounding ourselves with a team of professionals is another reason for our great success. Many of our clients want us to design/build, while others are looking for innovative ways to complete the interior design. Offering these services is just another way we stay ahead of the competition. It has always been about the relationships you establish in life that influence your future.